Zavadetskyi Advocates

Regulatory & Sanctions

We represent and advise clients in the arrangement and settlement of various issues with regulation and control agencies in Ukraine and abroad.

We have built a long history of assisting corporations, boards of directors, business owners, and individuals in connection with official investigations, enforcement, audits, inspections, and other proceedings brought up by the governmental bodies. Also, we have advised entities and individuals regarding inclusion in and exclusion from the US, EU, and Ukrainian sanction lists and associated risks mitigation.

We can identify when a business activity can lead to regulatory action and sanctions and provide a well-suited strategic approach to dealing with such situations. Performing internal investigations and legal audits for our clients, we identify and qualify wrongdoings as well as clarify and justify actions that fall under official scrutiny through no fault.

We are qualified in the development and implementation of effective compliance and risk management procedures aligned with international standards and local conditions in financial institutions and other companies, as well as in addressing their particular compliance and legal risks.

We have also provided legal support in tax issues in numerous transactions and legal actions such as Financing, M&A, Stock Offerings, Joint Ventures, long-term industrial projects, direct and Portfolio Investments, Restructurings, profit expatriation, Tax planning for international companies, in tax controversies and Litigation both on national or international levels.

We have been working on complex and challenging matters for foreign investors, banking groups, multinational companies, and financial regulators. Furthermore, some of those matters were unique in their kind, and the results of our work facilitated the accomplishment of landmark tasks.