Zavadetskyi Advocates

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Our Dispute Resolution practice intersects in the domains of Civil, Commercial and Public Litigation and is substantially influenced by our Criminal Law expertise, allowing us to develop dispute resolution strategies that help us to achieve clients’ goals in the most efficient manner possible. We understand that in many cases recovery of damages or protection of interests is only possible when the legal instruments common to these key areas are combined.

We proceed with the cases of any level of complexity and concentrate our efforts on a result-oriented approach to clients’ needs, providing clients with creative and efficient Dispute Resolution competence in various matters.

We represent banks, commercial entities, and individuals as claimant or defendant, in a variety of disputes. The primary focus of our practice is on achieving material results — a successfully resolved dispute means not just winning judgments in the courtroom, but ensuring clients obtain recovery of debts, compensation for losses and other remedies available. As of January 2020, we have handled over 850 various litigation cases with a total value of claims exceeding US$ 3,2 bn. We also enjoy the experience of managing Recovery procedures for large NPL portfolio owners, both in the corporate and retail business.

Drawing on our background and deep insight, we bring a strategic approach to resolving cases, particularly with respect to underlying business interests. Our understanding of how business matters converge with Litigation and Recovery work has enabled us to generate sophisticated solutions to complex problems by balancing litigation skills with business, regulatory and financial expertise.