Zavadetskyi Advocates

Criminal Law & Procedure

We have been providing Criminal Law advice, Criminal Defence, representation in Criminal Courts and within Criminal Investigations to Ukrainian and international businesses, their stakeholders – entities as well as individuals, starting from 2001. Also, we assist companies, their officers and owners in a wide range of matters related to various aspects of special regulations such as Anti-Bribery, Regulatory Compliance and Investigations, Anti-Money Laundering and other pertaining to Criminal Risks and Regulatory environment.

We are engaged in all stages of Criminal Procedure – investigations, court trials, enforcement of criminal judgments, appeals for reconsideration of judgments and other court rulings. Along with that, we specialize in mitigation of Criminal Risks for companies and business individuals based on our considerable experience in Criminal Defence and in legal support of businesses and governmental agencies.

Fraud Prevention, Internal Investigations of fraud and corrupt activities as well as of other corporate and contractual wrongdoings, damage recovery, also fall within the scope of our specialization.