Zavadetskyi Advocates


Advocate Oleksandr Zavadetskyi is the founder and manager of the firm. He received his Law Diploma from Kyiv National University.

Start of law practice: 1996

Admitted to the Bar: 2001

Main areas of expertise:

  • Criminal Justice, Defence and Advice
  • Dispute Resolution and Litigation
  • Banking
  • Corporate Finance
  • Tax
  • Finance Regulation
  • Human Rights
  • Government Relations

In the Criminal Justice practice area Oleksandr has represented clients either on defence or on complainant sides in various cases pertaining to Business, Financial and Civil Fraud and White-Collar Crime. In addition, Oleksandr is known for his competence and considerable experience in representing commercial entities, including foreign companies, in Ukraine in the Criminal Procedure as well as foreign individuals who get into stress situations in Ukraine.

Oleksandr’s expertise in Business and White-Collar Crime is substantially enhanced by his involvement in Banking and Finance, Regulatory and Compliance, Government Relations and commercial industries, where he has held a number of counsel and managerial positions in the top-ranked local and international companies, doing business and having investments in Ukraine.
Oleksandr’s engagement in Business Law includes many successful high-profile deals such as numerous IPOs and private placements in London, Frankfurt, Vienna and Kyiv, domestic and cross-border M&A transactions, the establishment of funds, advice to asset managers and management of legal affairs of many investment vehicles with branches across numerous jurisdictions, the management of recovery and restructuring of international banks’ NPL multi-billion portfolios in the Corporate and Retail sectors, the administration and protection of personal assets in various jurisdictions, and investment projects in Ukraine, Russia, EU, Australia, Asia and Africa.

From June 2015 till October 2016 Oleksandr was engaged with the National Bank of Ukraine to fulfil one of the NBU’s obligations under the Memorandum with the International Monetary Fund for reforming the Ukrainian banking sector and bringing it into correspondence with the best practices standards. Oleksandr’s first assignment on the position was the establishment of a new supervision body – the Related Parties Monitoring Office and realization of the project for the identification of related loan portfolios which had been concealed by the banks from the regulator. Upon putting the function into operation and completion of the top 20 banks review, Oleksandr had taken the position of Director for Registration and Licensing with the NBU, where his main task was the implementation of high standards of banking transparency and responsibility of banks’ owners and managers. Along with that, Oleksandr had been the first ever Chairman of the NBU Qualification Commission – the body that exercises fit and proper tests of commercial banks’ managers, and also had occupied a position of the Banking Supervision Committee member.